The End of Churchianity 2 - BONUS CONTENT

The End of Churchianity 2 - BONUS CONTENT

8 Episodes

Experience the full stories and insight from the people in THE END OF CHURCHIANITY 2. You'll hear George Barna's shocking 30 years of research and statistics as well as the testimonies of ordinary believers doing extraordinary works of God.

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The End of Churchianity 2 - BONUS CONTENT
  • Sevin's Testimony

    Episode 1

    A California gang-banger who encountered Jesus and transformed his life. Now the leader of a ministry called HOGMOB (Hookd On God, Ministry Ova Bizness), Sevin reaches out to the streets of America while creating some of the most cutting edge Gospel Hip Hop on the planet.

  • L.R. Niebergall

    Episode 2

    L.R. Niebergall shares powerful insight on the state of the Church and what God is speaking over the Church in these days. Hear from one of Canada's foremost prophetic voices.

  • James Barnett Testimony pt1

    Episode 3

    "I knew I had been saved FROM something, but nobody ever told me I was saved FOR something." James Barnett had it all until God called him to do something radical and dangerous for the sake of the Gospel.

  • James Barnett Testimony pt2

    Episode 4

    What happened when James sold everything he had to live homeless? Watch the incredible stories from his time living with the poor on the streets of America!

  • James Barnett -Testimony pt3

    Episode 5

    The final chapter of James' adventures on the streets of America.

  • Kervin Raugust - EMCC President

    Episode 6

    The President of one of Canada's strongest denominations shares his story of leaving dry routine behind for a vibrant, miraculous, life with Jesus. Hear what happens when you seek more of the Holy Spirit.

  • Kervin Raugust - Leaders Heart

    Episode 7

    Having traveled the country talking with Church leaders, Kervin Raugust (President of the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada) gives tremendous insight into what is holding back Church leadership from advancing the Kingdom. You will be inspired and challenged.

  • George Barna's Shocking Church Research

    Episode 8

    "6 out of 7 professing Christians in America are Christian in name only". This and other shocking statements on the Church are backed up by over 30 years of research by the Barna Group. Author and researcher George Barna not only reveals the problems but discusses some powerful solutions in this ...